Birthday Time

Its my Birthday. Its my Birthday. Its my Birthday. And I am now 19!!! YAY!! What a momentus occasion this is!

So The Roomie wanted me to write another entry of Memories as Roommates… I had kinda forgotten about this one but three weeks after being here I showed her my talent for making myself sneeze by sticking a backpack strap up my nose. Yes I am Kelsi and I am discusting! Luckily she was already accustomed to my weirdness by this time. She said she didn’t even remember being weirded out.

In a few minutes we are going to play in the snow!!! Hopefully I will have some pics for all ya’ll. sheesh i’m tired.

Current Mood: Overjoyed/Really Tired

Current Music: In my head I am singing happy birthday to me.

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About Kelsi

I'm a 20-something girl with a penchant for travel and a love of food. I'm prone to outdoor adventures, laughs over beers and photography missions. I write about my journeys on my blog, Some Sojourns, and on the Vayable Blog.

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