I have conquered the world

Finally!!!! I have played so many board games since i’ve been here and today i finally won one. i am the queen of scatagories!!!! victory is sweet! and i watched the village. yeah it was bad the first time and suprisingly the second as well. but i have found that i really dont care about the quality of the movie, its the company i’m with. so it was fun. before watching the movie and playin the game i did a whole lot of nothin. but i had fun playin guitar. learded 3 new songs today. one day i will be able to play some incredible facemelters!!!

Current mood: happy

Current music: “After Hours”~ Phantom Planet

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About Kelsi

I'm a 20-something girl with a penchant for travel and a love of food. I'm prone to outdoor adventures, laughs over beers and photography missions. I write about my journeys on my blog, Some Sojourns, and on the Vayable Blog.

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