So since many people have been gone this weekend I have had to make my own fun. 1. Editting photos on Adobe has been rocking my world.  i really want to take a photography or a web design class. i barely even know how to use the program and its totally rocking my socks. 2. been rereading my all time favorite book… A Confederacy of Dunces. I can’t wait for the movie to come out. will farrell. chello! i am still searching madly for the poster. i know it exists!! it was on an episode of Gilmore Girls. so yeah i really don’t understand myself sometimes. I can’t stand most chick flicks yet i am so hopelessly sucked into many a WB programs. anyways i played 3 rounds of scatagories today with some friends and completely dominated. i love that game! tis quite fun.

I am soooo stoked for this summer. 1. chizzlin at home with my friends for a month. 2. LAKE TAHOE!! oh i can’t wait.

I’ve been in the mood to watch some really good movies lately. I just watched Soroity Boys. funny yet not exactly what i would call a really good movie. I really want to see Motorcylce Diaries. I miss my obscur movie partner. I saw The Notebook on Friday. suprisingly i enjoyed it. i don’t think i’ll ever watch it again though. but it was good.

Favorite quote from MadTV last night… I can’t wear party hats. I was born without a chin. My father was a turtle. I was finally able to watch the rerun of Mary-Kate and Ashley hosting SNL. yes that is another secret liking i have. anyways i missed it when it first aired. It was quite funny.

If I could do anything and not have to worry about anything else I would…

  1. Lay in the sun (the beach definitly qualifies) and read really good books and listen to really good music
  2. Travel the world. go everywhere i want to. stay as long as i want. make friends. learn the language. places i love/want to go… ITALY!!!, all of europe basically. mexico (i love it there. i’ve been really wanting to go back since i started taking spanish again), south america, latin america (especially Costa Rica…random? yes. but ever since i saw the episode of cratts creatures when i was little that was in Costa Rica talking about the sea turtles i’ve been hooked), Africa, ok so pretty much all of the continents except Antartica. I love looking through that 1000 places to see book. man oh man!!! i so love traveling. places i love… Vancouver, Canada; Poulsbo; Mexico; Paris; Florida. More places i want to go… new york, London; Japan; Thailand; New Zealand; South Africa; Greece; Tazmania; Brazil; Cook Islands. I could go on all day. i would really like to live at these places forever. I have this fear of settling down. wow i sound like a major free spirit. ok so i paritally am.
  3. Chill in an offbeat cafe with live music. I like places with random food. Like the Treehouse Cafe in Ganges. Yam Quesadillas. yum. the music rocks, people, food and atmosphere all rock. also i would be drinking tea and reading a book. but i like chillin at cafes the most when i’m with someone and having really good conversation. such a girl. doesn’t necessarily have to be deep conversation. i love to laugh and make other people smile. yeah cafes rock my socks off.
  4. watching for shooting stars with friends. one of my best memories… last summer at Rachael’s house with her and Brittany. laying on her trampoline watching the stars. listening to Rachael’s summer mix (the best mix ever. i’ve burned it for 4 people. Jack Johnson, The Postal Service, Sublime, The Pixies, Ben Harper, Modest Mouse, Ben Kweller, 311… you just can’t go wrong) it was right before Rachael and i left for college. it was really old times-ish. the 3 of us hanging out.
  5. taking lots and lots of pictures. i love taking random pictures with people when i’m bored. another one of my best memories… Sr. Skip Day with Megan and Rachael. We randomly decided to spend the night in Poulsbo and go to Seattle the next day. (and by randomly i mean we were in a parking lot and didn’t have time to go home and get clothes). we chilled in Poulsbo and then grabbed a camera and drove around the town like mad women taking random pictures. the best one was sneaking into these people’s yard to get a pic with their junker truck. oh good times. so doing anything super random is also really fun. Example…. deciding to drive until finding the end of 503 at midnight.
  6. haning out with people. i just love people.
  7. doing something creative. i miss my Mod Podge. one sucky thing about living in dorms… not being able to paint the room. i friggin love painting. decorating, coloring, tying hemp, making collages, making random pretty things
  8. brousing through music. i could spend forever going through aisles of music. or books. or a craft store. stores that i get dragged out of kicking and screaming…1. POWELLS!!! 2. Urban Outfitters 3. Target 4. Value Village
  9. Chill at Saterday market and First Thursday. another awesome memory… making masks with Jess and some drag queens at First Thursday.
  10. learn to surf.
  11. SLEEP
  12. go to shows
  13. playing guitar and being really good. maybe one day i will be able to achieve my dream of sitting in the grass playing “how many roads” this has seriously been a dream of mine since middle school.

ok that’s enough with the i want to dos. this is becoming quite the long blog. i guess it is quite overdue. let’s see. what else to write about???? oh i can’t wait to go camping when it gets warm!!!! we were gonna go this weekend but it was just too much hassle with it being all cold. and maybe more people will be able to come. i have been having a serious camping urge.

song that i’ve been obsessed with lately…“Heaven Never Seemed So Small”~The Benjy Davis Project. oh i love it. also artists that i’m obsessed with include…India Arie, Tracey Chapman, Telecast, Ben Harper, Coldplay, The Postal Service, Shawn McDonald, The Generation Unleashed Album, Jack Johnson, Clem Snide, Finely Quaye ok thats the i’m obsessed with right now list. if i did the obessed with in general I would never get to sleep.

oh wow speeking of sleep. i want some!!! 3 day weekends rock! i definitly have way too much homework to do tomorrow though. poo. ok i’m out.

Current Mood: chill
Current Music: “Moment in The Sun”~Clem Snide ( i ordered this album (Ghost of Fashon) off the other day and i cannot wait for it to come in the mail. oh gee willickers i am excited. Clem Snide is so dang good)

PS~ update on guitar progress. my fingers didn’t hurt as much today. gotta get those calluses back. twas a sad day when those came off. suckiness level is quite high!!!!! i’m trying to learn note right now. so i can play some face melting solos. the buzziness of the A and G string has really been getting on my nerves. goals… Be able to play friggin B and bar chords. man do those have me frustrated!!! on a better note… F is getting better. ok i’ll stop now. i really doubt anyone cares about my guitar playing details.

Current Music Now: “Now and Forever”~Finely Quaye. i love this guy!!! his best song = “Even After All” from the Thicker Than Water Soundtrack. a good CD by the way.



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One thought on “Huh?

  1. Yay for Saturday market and first Thursday. We’ll have to do both when I get back, thought I think my bf won’t like it. Whenever you travel go ahead and take me with you.

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