I Guess I’ll Update

so i am taking a break from studying at the moment. tis excellentness! I’ve been brainwashing myself into having good study habbits. it’s working out somewhat. i’ve noticed that i have a lot more stuff to do this semester. English 101 has pretty much taken over my life! summer is oh so soon. it will be bitter sweet. sad to leave the friends here, but awesome to by home, takin a breather and chillin with my homeslices there. not to mention going to lake tahoe.

guitar progress update: updown strum is coming along nicely. started using less wrist. why oh why did i cheat on the C chord? now it takes forever to switch. tisk tisk. i will never take short cuts again. i’m working on doin the fancy G chord too so that also takes more time to switch to. once i get those down Aeroplane Over the Sea will be sounding magnificant.

so Mom’s weekend... My mom was in Mexico and didn’t come. but it’s all good. i thought this weekend would be lameness since everyone was goin to be chillin with their moms. it actually ended up being quite fun. hung out with the 7th floor boys a lot.

this is what i did this weekend…
1. watched Saved! (hee hee)
2. played cards and Settlers
3. took pictures with a rock.
4. saw a gospel choir performance. i was singin JESUS! the rest of the night
5. saw Guess Who (lame. however i think most romantic comedies are lame)

ideas for my room next year…
1. paint it pink and orange
2. lazy-boy from good will
3. fort in the closet
4. SANDBOX!!!!!

i miss my dogs!!!! i can’t wait to get my own dogs. their names will be Anybody and Everyone.

i should probably write about my emotions. pshaw. mmmm. tapping into the deep relm of my soul. this could take some time… yeah i feel pretty chill. all is well. apparently i just don’t cry enough, or so i am told. i’m sorry? matt has takin to calling me heartless.

i’ve been told a few times lately that some people think i’m going to be a really quite person when they first met me. at first i was baffled by this news. then i realized that i’m pretty quite when i meet new people. especially if people are all friends with each other and i’m the outsider for the group. then people get to know me and i’m so full of randomness that it’s just plain scary and i don’t shut up. but then when i get really comfortable with people i think i get kinda quiet again. and then when i get a little too comfortable with people i reach a whole new relm of weirdness.

i learned that i was extraverted at the begining of the year. that was a shock. but i do have a lot of intraverted things that i do. such as… i like to read a lot, i like to be in small spaces by myself and think, i like walking places and thinking, and i don’t mind doing stuff by myself (such as eating). but then most of those things i would rather do with people. why am i even trying to desect my brain? it is a freak of nature. it’s true weirdness will never be revealed. maybe i should donate it to science when i die. hmmm. idea. but no.

i like to eat the raisins out of raisin bran. maybe i should just buy raisins. but they sure make me poop a lot.

things i like…
1. fresh night breeze.
2. sunsets (i would say sunrises, but i never see those)
3. guitar.
4. photography. (i think i can take a photography class. heck yes!
5. looking out windows while writing in my journal.
6. talking to people at cafes or dining centers.
7. speed scrabble
8. really good laughs ( i have reallized that i don’t laugh the same here as when i do with Racheal and Jess. i miss those girls. i need a good laugh with them.)
9. reading good books.
10. photo adventures.
11. saving memories in my mind forever
12. the smell of clean laundry. YUM!
13. chillin on roofs. especially if i can see the stars.
14. oh the beach the beach the beach.
15. unintentionally not matching ( i think i’ve forgotten how to match)
16. getting my homework done way before i need to (ok this pretty much never happens but i like it when it does)
17. helping people.
18. when people feel comfortable with me
19. having people chill at my house
20. chillin on the porch at my house.
21. creativeness. really cool art projects. i love the vase amy gave me for my birthday and i can’t wait to use my mod podge when i get home
22. waking up to sunlight shining threw the window.

ok i should really get back to studying.

Current Mood: chill. would rather be chillin with people but studying calls my name so viciously. that and none of my friends are awake right now. poop.

Current Music: my roommate is listening to her Love Actually soundtrack over and over and over and over. it’s her studying cd. oh my goodness. she has been begging me to have a Hugh Grant marathon (whom i loath entirely!). the scarier thing is i think i might have partially agreed. crackle (i’m using that word now instead of snap. snap is gettin a little overdone around here.)

peace out homeslices.

oh psss!!
i read Blue Like Jazz. it’s set in portland. good book. i miss hippies and portland.

i’m really excited to have my own place (not living there by myself. i don’t think i’ll ever live by myself. but a space i can make my own and decorate and have people come over to.)

wow it has been a long time since i updated this. the other really good book i read was Am I The One? so good. the only relationship book i will ever read though. but it totally changed my perspective on stuff. awesome quote from that book that is now like my favorite quote ever…

“The only great life is one lived full of character and passion.” ~ James R. Lucas


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