Yippy Skippy

i’m all happy. my english prof asked to talk to me about my paper the other day and i was very nervous. well she said that my paper was awesome and i should consider being a high school english teacher. 🙂 i got all bashful but i’m excited that she liked the paper. i don’t think i’ll be and english teacher because i don’t want to take the classes. but it was very nice of her to say that and it totally made my day.
i’m in such a weird place right now… happy classes are ending. sad to leave. happy to see my family and friends. happy to chill this summer. excited to meet new people. sad that some of my friends are graduating. sad that i’m gonna miss people. excited for what the future holds.

Current Mood: happy.
Current Music: blink 182

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I'm a 20-something girl with a penchant for travel and a love of food. I'm prone to outdoor adventures, laughs over beers and photography missions. I write about my journeys on my blog, Some Sojourns, and on the Vayable Blog.

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