Here Goes Nothin

Ok, so I am going to attempt to start blogging again. I took a bit of a break. Breaks are good. Anywho, why am I starting this madness again, you may ask. Blame this amazing, yet oh so addicting website has reinspired my blogging interest. So yeah, you should check out if you haven’t yet.

So life is pretty same ol’ same ol’. Well, I guess not if you go by my last post. A lot has happened since then. A lot. But come on, it’s been what, 2 years? I really don’t feel like filling in the gaps so I’m gonna start a fresh.

What I Love About This Year…
1. It’s been stable. An accepted change from last year.
2. Amazing friends. I’ve been so blessed.
3. I live in a real house. (with pets!)
4. Crafting Society (when’s our next meeting by the way?)
5. Conditioning Swimming Class. Took this morning and I’m already sore. bring it on. BRING IT ON!!!

Some other news…. I love children’s books. (Well I’d hope so, since I’m gonna be a teacher). My group in class is making a survival unit. To save you all the teacher mumbo jumbo, I’ll just say this means I get to read more children’s books. Currently reading… Julie of the Wolves. Not too shabby thus far. And I just ordered a few books off CHECK IT OUT!

Reasons to Check Out
2. View new and used books
3. Their main goal is to promote literacy around the world.


Anyways, another amazing deal that is coming up. I graduate! No more of this school stuff for a while. doot doot doot. I am singing a song of sweet sweet joy. I’m very excited to see what awaits on the other side of these student lines.

What Life Looks Like After This School Year:
1. Summer job
2. Student teach in Germany?
3. Peace Corps.
4. Teach in Portland

That looks like a nice little 5 year plan. Talk to me in a week. It’ll probably be different. 😉 Those things on that list have me very excited. I’m in the process of applying to the peace corps. The essays are slowing me down at the moment, but I have actually started them. I interviewed for teaching in Germany, but haven’t heard back yet.

Love Life: Abysmal. Where’s a girl to find hippie/drifter/artsy/hobo types in this town?

Oh and I love tutoring in reading. Shoot, I love literacy (with the exception of night classes, they’re a pain in my tookus). Next week is the last week with my tutee. 😦 I’m thinking about seeing if I can keep tutoring, even though it would no longer be through my assessment class.

I should go. I’m an hour late to class. I WANTED TO PARK IN THE GREEN LOT! Ok?

Current Mood: Snuffalufagus
Current Music: WILCO!! what else? I love. Maybe I’ll name my adoped children W, I, L, C, and O. Do you think they’d let me adopt if I name them that?

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