Today was officially my first full day of teaching, ever. I’m am happy to say that all people left the room alive at the end of the day. In all seriousness the day went great. I had fun interacting with the students and the students were about as well behaved as they come. This day was quite a relief considering yesterday made me question if it was too late to change my major and what was I thinking wanting to be a teacher. I guess that’s life, one day I feel like a failure and the next is great. I do owe some credit for this change in perspective to Rafe Esquith. Esquith is a teacher in LA and wrote the books There Are No Shortcuts and Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire. I read There Are No Shortcuts for class last semester and was intrigued by the man’s passion, methods, and borderline insanity. He was scheduled to speak in the area last night, so I decided to swing by and check it out. The talk was rather encouraging. He gave me some reassurance that everything can be done perfectly, but the lesson can still fail. Even though that doesn’t sound too reassuring, I found it to be so. I think I have a hard time having grace for myself. I’m also realizing that interacting with students is so much better when I have patience and take the time to listen.


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