Yesterday I made it to the Superbowl of book sales, the scholastic warehouse sale. Let’s talk about amazing. All books were at least half off. These weren’t just the bottom of the barrel, not so great, let’s get rid of them while we can books. These were great books. Of particular greatness, includes:

  • Arnie the Doughnut: This story about a doughnut, who does not know he is made to be eaten made me laugh out loud. The drawings are so expressive and the writing so witty.
  • Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!: Upon finishing this book, I felt I simply must sing, dance and paint everything and anything.
  • Once I Ate A Pie: As if I didn’t already want a dog badly enough! This book tells poems about different dogs, giving them each distinctive personallities. Did I mention how much the pictures make me want a snuggly little fluff ball of my own?

In other news… the time has come for me to end my time at home and return to school. Earlier in the week, the thought of this coming day made me want to do a little dance. Today, I don’t feel so much the same. I miss my kids already, I’ll miss the city, I’ll miss my family, I’ll miss calling Jess everyday to come play, I’ll miss not having homework, I’ll even miss the rain. I am excited for what lies ahead, but the goodness of what is ahead is sometimes overshadowed by the things I must leave behind. I had planned on leaving tomorrow, however, a certain winter storm leaves me thinking otherwise. At this point I really have no clue when I will make the journey to the Palouse. Maybe I’ll just skip the first week of classes. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?


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