A Breather

This semester has been so crazy, I haven’t had much space in my brain to post. This week, however, doesn’t look too terrible. 🙂 So here are some of the recent events of my life:

So I talked on the phone with a peace corps representative a few days ago and he wasn’t so sure I could handle eating meat when I’m in the peace corps, which he said there is a 90% chance this will happen. He recommend I think more about it and try eating some meat. Well, I ate some on Saturday and it was horrible, awful, disgusting, but I was able to eat it. Now, I’m contemplating if I will be able to do this for two years. I also have to chose if I want to go to South America or Asia, which is a very difficult desicion. I am thinking, though that Southeast Asia, might have tofu. 🙂

2. New York New York
My roommate has been planning a trip to New York and Europe this summer and I’m thinking about going with her. What’s holding my back from such an adventure? Why, my penny pinching ways, of course. I’ve been making a budget to find out how much everything will cost (nerd, I know) and it looks like I will be able to do New York and perhaps Europe as well. I’ve also been making lists of places I want to visit while I’m student teaching in Germany, which has made me very excited to get over there.

3. Weeds Marathon
On Friday, Marianne and I watched Weeds for about 12 hours. It is a wonderfully dark and hilarious show.


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