Some Updates

Yesterday, I knocked over more cones than I can count during the bike test. Needless to say, this placed me in the novice group for bike class. This didn’t turn out to be so bad. We did a lot of weaving through cones and went on some sweet bike rides. The Thai country side is beautiful! I have ran into (not literally) several cows, chickens and scary looking dogs on the bike rides. I think I’m a little sunburned from the ride today. Oops.

Last night we had a welcoming ceremony, which was incredible. We walked into a dimly lit room and sat on the floor as the staff rotated around the circle giving us blessings and tying strings on our wrists. We have to keep the strings on for three days and cannot cut them off. Mine are quite ticklish, so we’ll see if they last longer than three days.

Today during Thai class, I learned that the Governor of this province will be arriving soon and I need to be able to say my name, where I am from and nice to meet you in Thai. I think I’ve got it down, but I need to work on saying it smoothly.

I need to start taking pictures!!!!


3 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. what do you mean who is this? i can’t believe you forgot me already. i guess the dragonfly thing may have thrown you off. lol it’s jessica!

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