Holy Thai

Today was intense as far as training goes, however I seem to be getting into the groove of things and am starting to relax a bit. I now know how to introduce myself, say my numbers, talk about my family and say how old people are in Thai. Woohoo. 🙂 We also had some intense discussions about cultural differences, culture shock and the likes. Last night the majority of us stayed outside hanging out, sitting on the steps, drinking, and talking. This morning we got a major talking to about how that was perceived by Thais. Apparently, sitting on the floor is unacceptable. The feet are considered dirty and so is everything that the feet touch. Also, drinking beer out of a bottle is considered greedy. Normally people order a beer and pour it into glasses to share with their friends and family. There are times where I am intrigued by these cultural differences and other times where I am annoyed by the ways I have to adjust my behavior. For example, I would like to sit without worrying where my feet are pointing. Oh well, gotta get used to it. On a more possitive note, I think I ate the most delicious dessert of my life: magoes with coconut sticky rice. Mmmmmmmmm!


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