Some Things

1. So Sunday I came over here to check my internet, which made me really miss my friends and family. I rode my bike home feelin all glum and discovered that the road to my house had flooded. In my attempt to find another way home I got lost for about an hour without sunscreen or water (temps are in the 90s here). Once I found my way home I discovered I had a flat and spent the next hour changing the tire while people gave me orders in Thai. Yeesh. Then the next day I followed my host mom on her motor bike to school. Some dogs started chasing me and barking out my heels. I turned my head to scare them away without realizing that my host mom had stopped her bike. I then ran into her bike and landed in the dirt. This is what I like to call a low.

2. I discovered an amazing noodle place and some tasty sticky rice that comes in bamboo sticks.

3. I like teaching English. I’m thinking about continuing with this path if all goes well for the next two years.

4. My host family quizzed me on the names for clothing items and I called pants “king kong.” They thought this was pretty funny.

5. There are fireflies by my house everynight and they are beautiful.

6. I have three Thai nicknames: nam petch (diamond water), carrot (this is what my two year old brother thought my name was) and Pancake (a Thai pop sensation).


2 thoughts on “Some Things

  1. remember all the best thai food because when you get back we are finding the most authentic thai restaurant and you can show me what’s up.

  2. Oh I loved this entry, carrot made me laugh so hard I had to read it out loud to Matt.. I am glad to see you are learning the ways! I miss you also…

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