So apparently my mid term Thai language interview did not go as horribly as I thought because I scored at the level I need to be at by the end of training. YAY! There’s still a LOT I need to work on. Somehow I think I’ll need to know how to talk about more than the food I like to eat in order to live in Thailand for the next two years. Whenever I say successfully say something in Thai my host father says “song bpii, ok” (2 years, ok) and it cracks me up. I’ve also discovered that the precious kids in my neighborhood who have been teaching me Thai have been teaching me to say things wrong to make me sound like a fool. I shake my fist at them.

On another note, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a bit nervous about developing some weird “I live alone in a foreign country” behaviors. For example: I have been reading a lot. I mean A LOT and I don’t even live alone yet. What’s gonna happen when I do? The books I have been reading are really good. I highly reccomend The Glass Castle, Look Me In The Eye, Traveling Mercies and The Virgin Suicides.

Ok, and for some shameless, “I’m really lonely and need you to love me plugs,” I would like to say that I really like comments and mail! I like them A LOT. As far as mail goes, let me know if you need my address as I am not about to post it on this public domain. And as far as mail goes I am compliled a list of things I really like to receive in the mail so I can make it that much easier on you.

1. letters
2. magazines
3. CD mixes
4. art supplies (glitter, pretty paper, fun markers)
5. stickers
6. teacher supplies
7. portland souveneirs
8. books (as I have already mentioned, I read a lot and will run out of books in no time)
9. pictures (preferably of things that are not depressing. and no dog pictures! i’ve developed an aversion to dogs, except my own of course)
10. things that will keep me in touch with whats happening in the world
11. DVDs: movies and TV shows both acceptable.
12. underarmor shirts size M
13. beading stuff (I’m going to start some new hobbies while I’m living in the jungle)

NO liquids or things that melt.


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