1. I find out my site placement on MONDAY!!!!!!! I’m very excited to find out where I’ll be and who will be around me.

2. My sister would be very disappointed to know how pitiful my hair looks here. The combination of massive amounts of sweat and bike helmets is not to kind on the hair. Oh well, I guess there’s some things I just have to let go of.

3. If I don’t die from feral dogs or explosive diarrhea while I’m here, I think I might die from the amount of junk food I consume. Darn 7-11 and its convenience. I’ve eaten lunch there just about everyday for the past week or so.

4. I’ve noticed that my 2-year-old host brother still calls me carrot. Whenever someone asks him my name he says “Kels-a-teeeeee” and then he says “carrot, carrot, carrot.” I think it’s pretty cute.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Haha, that is so cute how he calls you carrot!! I am sorry to hear about your tummy I hope that gets better… Oh PS watch your mail!!!!! Love you lady

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