Site… I have arrived

I’m finally at my site! YAY!!!! I love it here. The countryside is beautiful and the city is not too far. So, here’s a rundown of my first few days at site.

Within my first day at site I put my cell phone in the washing machine. Uggg! Since then I’ve been told everyday that it’s getting fixed or someone will take me to get a new one. I’m still cellphoneless. Eeek.

SONGKRAN parade. Words cannot describe this event. Everyone wears blindingly bright floral shirts, dances in the streets and soaks each other with water. It’s madness. I loves it! (I’m going to another parade tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get pics this time, but there’s so much water that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to) I went to a party later on in the day and became a singing kareoke monkey. Everytime I thought I was finished singing for the evening people would call out a new song. You’d think my offensively tone deaf voice would deter requests, but no. I’m in hot demand here.

I have had a hard time finding ways to help out here. Usually when I ask to help cook or decorate I’m told to sit and watch. This gets old quick. On the rare occasion that I am allowed to help I usually get fired for not knowing how to do it. I didn’t know I’d need to have a background in flower arraging and proper fruit slicing before I came here. Today I spent most of the day helping set up for a party at the school and getting some girls ready for their show at the party. First, I took on the job of trimming roses for the entryway. This, I managed to do adaquately. Next, a teacher asked me to help stick roses in the arch. I responded excitedly and asked her how to do it. She said “Nevermind.” After this I moved to the room where the girls were getting ready for their dance. The first job someone found for me was putting make up on the girls. What? I don’t know how to do traditional Thai make up! I gave it my best effort, to which they laughed and kept saying “American Style.” I don’t know that it was so much “American Style” as she just looked like she got punched in the eyes. Another teacher ended up redoing her make up. She was better off for it. The next task I took on was doing the girls’ hair. That lasted about 15 minutes. Apparently, 7-year-old beauty pagent princess wasn’t the look they were going for. In the end the only thing I was good at was teasing the girl’s hair before someone else styled it. So tease I did. Hopefully, my ability to prepare girls for a dance recital will not determine the effectiveness of me being here.


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