More Songkran

I’m staying up way too late tonight. This is what happens when I have unlimited internet access for the first time in three months.

Today, I went with my co-teacher to visit her family in a nearby town and partake in the Songkran festivities. I wish I had pictures of the parade, water fights and crazy bright colored shirts, but I have yet to figure out how to do this without destroying my camera with water. Maybe I’ll figure something out by next year. Right now I’m thinking my plan may include a ziplock bag. At the festival my co-teacher’s cousin (who’s around my age) gave me a shirt that said something along the lines of “I like to get wet, touch my body.” Thankfully someone told me this before I put it on. I’m trying to keep a somewhat low profile here. In the end he gave me a shirt that says “I like to get wet, don’t touch my body.” At least I think that’s what it says. In the end I don’t think I needed the shirt, as people were more than happy to dump buckets full of water on me as they walked by, but the shirt is a sweet souveniere.

On the way home from the parade my co-teacher told me that we were driving through a town where another volunteer lives and asked me if I wanted to visit. I said I don’t have his phone number because I had just gotten a new phone. I was under the impression that we were going to leave it at that and drive home. But no, she decided to hunt him down instead. She called somebody, who knew somebody who knew about where he lived. Then she stopped three times to ask where he lives. Eventually we found him and before I had a chance to find the words in Thai to explain that it was a little late to show up at his house unannounced, she was hollering his name from the bottom of the steps. All in all, I’m glad she did it. It was nice to catch up with a friend and see how he’s doing. He’s only about 10K from me, so I’m hoping that once my bike is shipped here, we’ll be able to hang out.


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