Smoothies and Bikes

OMG! Just now on my way back from lunch I stopped to buy one of my favorite strawberry-lychee blended slurpee-esque type drink. I got it to go and rode my bike back to school. Here’s where I made the near fatal error of holding the drink in my right hand instead of my left. I didn’t realize this until I tried to turn into school and realize I had no way of breaking unless I wanted to use my front break and fly over the handle bars. I opted for no breaks and went barreling down the hill entrance to the school and over the speed bumps. Thank God my life and slurpee were spared. I finally managed to stop after taking the long way around the parking lot to slow down. Once stopped I went inside to enjoy my drink in peace. I learned a very important lesson today: always hold drinks in the left hand while biking.

2 thoughts on “Smoothies and Bikes

  1. first of all, love the mental image i have of all this. since you didn’t get hurt its too funny. second, when you read infidel, tell me if its good. i was thinking about getting it but wasn’t sure about it.

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