Yeah…I Think I Can Bike That

I’ve been putting a lot of miles on my bike recently. Yesterday the volunteer that lives by me called me up and asked if I wanted to bike to the old city nearby. I thought hmmm…that’s about 60K….ummmm… ok. I decided to go figuring that I would just turn around if I got tired. Well, the trip ended up being about 80K, not 60K, and totally worth it. We had a great time exploring the sites of the old city. My mom emailed me asking about snakes and I would like to state for the record that I do indeed see snakes. Tons of them. Most of them are dead ones that I see on the side of the road while riding my bike and yesterday one of the dead ones was a COBRA!

Speaking of animals. My bathroom is filled with them. There’s a few frogs that come and go, a resident gecco and a beetle that likes to crawl on my toe while I take a shower. For the most part I don’t mind the company, but lately one of the frogs has been getting too comfortable. He just hops around like he owns the place, which is not ok with me! I’m more of a you stay on your side of the shower and I’ll stay on mine kind of girl.

Today is my first day of work at the high school. This involves a lot of smiling and pretending like I understand what people are saying. The usual. I was informed at the meeting today that the police would like to know when I leave on a bike ride. Yeah, that’s just about everyday. Hmmm…

One week til Bangkok!!!! In one week my travel restrictions as a new volunteer will be lifted and I will be celebrating in Bangkok. Can’t wait! In anticipation of my new travel freedom I’ve finally cracked open my Lonely Planet Guide Book. I knew Thailand was awsome, but I didn’t know it was THIS awsome. I see a lot of trekking, beach bumming and shopping in my future. Originally I was not down with the Peace Corps crowd. I found the carbon copy hippy wandering sorts to be bit repetitive and dull, though I’m aware I may very well fit into this category. However, since reading Lonely Planet and talking about the adventures I have in mind I’ve found this carbon copy thing to be quite nice, beacause everyone wants to do what I want to do. And that’s just swell.


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