A Note to My Roomies

Dear Bird that lives in my kitchen, Gecco that lives in my bedroom and Frogs that live in my bathroom, please be better house guests. Actually, I kicked one of the frogs out today (literally).

Today I worked out for about 2 1/2 hours and then ate cookies for dinner. I’m also really sore from badminton. Hey, badminton, counts as a work out. My forearm won’t stop shaking.

My counterpart asked me if I’m happy here and told me that I look miserable. Yeesh. I think this was mostly due to the fact that I was ridiculously tired yesterday due to 4 hours of sleep and did not have the capacities to smile all the time. People here get very worried when I spend time alone and don’t smile. I tried to explain to her that I am happy (even if I’m culture shocked) and that it’s not my culture to smile all the time, but I will try to get on that. She didn’t seem too convinced. I’m going to try to put a little extra pep in my step to convince her I’m not “miserable.” She told the students that I’m miserable and they should invite me to do things, hince the badminton. My policeman friend stopped by and seemed worried that I was lonely. He wanted to take me swimming with his family, but I couldn’t because of badminton. I thought he was going to go swimming, but I saw him later at the salon next door getting a facial.

I had a flat tire on my bike today and almost managed to change the whole thing by myself. The last step tripped me up, but I think I know how to do it now. During the course of changing the tire I learned there is a bike shop a few houses down from me. Holler!


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