Uggg, overslept the alarm this morning. Things worked out in my favor though. My coteacher didn’t go to school because her daughter isn’t feeling well, so I didn’t need to go in anyways. Now I’m enjoying a relaxing morning before heading over to the elementary school.

Yesterday was a great day at school! Normally, I either so hot or frustrated by communication issues that I rarely have a day that is great. Yesterday was one of those good days, just because. Nothing special happened and I was thrown some curveballs (someone came to the school so that I could translate their article about the constructivist theory of education into thai. yeah, my thai is not that good) but it was still a good day.

I think part of my enjoyment of the day comes from the fact that I haven’t been here for about a week. I’ve been with at another PCV’s helping with her English camp. Good times. The best was when her coteacher improvised a song about polution. Here are the lyrics:

“Do you know what is polution,
Do you know what is polution,
Polution is air, water polution
and bad smell”

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