Wipe On?

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve had some time to think about this little trip with the high school teachers and I’m starting to feel ok about. I’m might even say I’m a little excited.

This morning at school was the Wai Kruu ceramony where the students give flowers and respect to the teachers. The students made some beautiful flower arrangements and I kept wishing I had my camera. After the students present their flower arrangements to the principle they each kneel before a teacher, give the teacher flowers and the teachers tie blacelets on them and wish them good luck. One of the teachers told me to say something that sounded like “wipe on.” At first I thought she had noticed that I was having a running nose attack and was telling me to wipe my nose. She kept pointing to the students when she said “wipe on” and I just thought to myself “oh please don’t tell me to wipe my nose on these students.” Per usual I just nodded and smiled pretending to understand. I noticed that the teachers were saying this phrase to the students when they tied their blacelets so I figured it was a blessing. I asked the teacher next to me what the phrase meant. Somehow my tones and pronunciation were all wrong and they heard me say the word for excersize so the teacher made one of the students break his reverant kneeling pose to do push ups in order to demonstrate the meanding of the word I just said. Definitly, not the word I was going for. Maybe one day I will learn this mystery phrase.

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