Tales in Victories and Defeats

I should be going to bed now, but I want to relish in the delight of my good day. I’ve had many a frustrating day at the schools lately. Last week I decided to confront these issues and meet with my coteachers to discuss teaching plans. I had myself psyched and ready to go with a script and everything (a must for the confrontationally challenged). Yesterday I met with the teachers, essentially hit a stalemate with all three and accomplished nothing besides emphasizing various reasons why things needed to change. The school day closed in defeat.

Onto the victory: Today was one small victory after another. After some time apart I think all four of us came up with some compromises and opened our minds a little. One of my coteachers who I thought would never let me do anything besides read English passages aloud, liked my reading comprehension idea and let me do it with the class. With another coteacher I realized a different way to go about helping her with the curriculum to which she was very responsive. Not to mention I had a wonderful lunch with the teachers at the Elementary School, during which they wanted me to teach them English words such as, player, mistress, and affair. Oh, the delights of cultural exchange.

As this good day closes I am trying to make a mental note that sometimes small victories follow major defeats.


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