The last two weeks at Training made me reflective of progress at site, which it was most likely intended to do. During all this reflective time I concocted about 50 Operations to launch upon my return to site. These include: Operation:Coteach (Subtitle: Help teachers effectively teach through student centered activities and such, not just read passages aloud in English, also known as torture), Operation: Learn Thai, Operation:Make My House Livable, Operation:Community Project, and many many more.

Progress on these Operations goes as follows:

Operation: CoTeach

  • Well, my last entry was entirely about this operation, so I won’t rehash the gory details. I will say that I have made no progress with one teacher, a teeeeny bit with another, and a lot with the elementary teacher.
  • Progress: Great (I say this because step one was talking with my teachers about this and I actually did that, woot woot)

Operation: Learn Thai

  • I’ve been trying to learn the same two words this entire week, with no results. 😦 I’ve actually sat down to study Thai, which is good and I read 8 pages of Thai in my study book, which is great!
  • Progress: Decent

Operation: Make My House Livable

  • Positive points for hanging posters on the walls, rearranging what little furniture I have and sweeping the downstairs. Negative points for leaving dishes in the sink all week, which now smell barfy.
  • Progress: OK

Operation: Community Project

  • The most I can say I’ve done with this one is help a friend do someone else’s homework. Tomorrow is my Community Work Day, so maybe I can make some progress then.
  • Progress: Stagnant.

Nip/Tuck time.

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