Ways 6 Months in Thailand Has Changed Me

List Time!

Ways 6 Months in Thailand Has Changed Me 

  1. 80 degree weather feels a bit chilly.
  2. I use cooling powder like it’s my job.
  3. I laugh in the face of 25 mile bike rides. Make it 50 and then we’re talking.
  4. I love me some karaoke.
  5. I can use a squat toilet without completely undressing.
  6. I needlessly repeat words: “same same,” “good good,” “fine fine”
  7. I can change a bike tire.
  8. I now love fruit.
  9. I wonder what is wrong with the world if I am served beer without ice.
  10. I’m shocked when I watch TV and see someone touching someone else’s head.
  11. I’m constantly worried about whether people are hungry now and constantly ask “Have you eaten yet?”
  12. I’m obsessive about drawing straight lines and am quite skilled with a ruler.
  13. I feel claustrophobic when the front door isn’t open.
  14. I feel robbed if my blended drink doesn’t come with jellies in it.
  15. I now know the difference between a countable and an uncountable noun.

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