All in a Day

I found one of these suckers in my kitchen today. Do not be fooled by the picture, these things are huge! The one in my kitchen was at least a foot long and fat. I first saw it against the wall while I was cleaning and thought it was dead. When I tried to sweep it up it started slithering all over the house. I showed it to my neighbor and she ran at it with a stick and beat it into smithereens. Oh, it was awful!

On a more positive note: While biking home from my friends house today I came across a hula hooping party. The hula hoopers asked me to join and join I did! This was also the first time I ever successfully hula hooped. I’ve seen people all over town with hula hoops these days and I only have one question. Where can I get one?!?!?!

Also, on the way home I rode alongside a bright sunset against lush green rice fields. Gorgeous, gorgeous. Don’t worry, I did make it home before dark.

Currently Listening to: Abbey Road-The Beatles (I’m lovin’ this album these days)


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