Unwelcomed Guest

I found a rat in my kitchen today. First, a centipede and now a rat! This is no good, no good at all. Thankfully it ran away to my neighbor’s house. They didn’t seem to concerned about it. Besides I keep all my food on lockdown in the kitchen or I would be waging a full fledged war against vermin.

Operation: Make My House Livable is going quite well. I rearranged some furniture (which my neighbor the re-rearranged for me) and I like what it’s done for the place. Now I have a nice little hang out area where I can read, eat and socialize with the neighbors. I keep my warehouse door open a lot more now, which creates a nice ambiance. I had to move George’s Gym upstairs because there are just somethings that I am not ready to share with the world.

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