Caving: In a Good Way

Yes, I’m still alive, I’ve just been having some writers block. We’ll see what I can produce today….


So I found out long ago that there are caves around my site. There are signs for them everywhere, but never any distances. Yesterday, my friend and I decided we would try for the second time to find these caves. We biked out about 40K, and took many a wrong turn before finding a cave. Once we got to the cave we encountered a teeny tiny little opening. We both start joking about how we did all that work to find this. The world’s most pitiful cave. After some pictures, I turn around to leave, thinking there’s no way this cave could be worth checking out. My friend asks if we should go in and I figure sure why not. We enter about four steps and realize the cave keeps going and going and going. Hmmm, guess this actually is a cave. Turns out to be an awesome cave with tons of bats that like to dive into peoples faces.


My school is one of the few places that has an oven. I’ve been talking with my coteacher for a while about baking cakes with the class and this week we finally did. It was quite the time. There were moments that tested my patience, such as trying to explain that cake flour and yellow cake mix are not the same thing and that we need to follow the recipe. The cakes turned out a little funky due to some improvised ingredients but they sure tasted good. The teachers said the cake was too sweet, but I though it was delicious.

I’ve been wanting to start a baking club at school for awhile, but I’ve been too afraid of failure to take any steps to make it happen. In between baking I made myself mention it to my coutnerpart. She was thrilled with the idea and then told everyone that I’m starting a baking club. So, I guess I’m starting a baking club. This should be fun, but I’m a little overwhelmed with getting it started. I don’t even know where I can buy ingredients. Hopefully, I’ll have time to figure that out this weekend. There’s been a request to bake bread. Couldn’t we start out with something a little easier? But I’m a slave to the people and bake bread we will.

On a Personal Note:

This may come as a shock, but I like to wander. I like to explore and I want to see everything and do everything. Committing to stay in one place for a specified amount of time really gets under my skin sometimes. I get restless and start thinking of all the places I want to go and things I need to do. Current travel list includes: Bali, Japan, India, Cambodia and probably some others along the way. Choosing to be content where I am and realizing that there will never be that perfect point when all is figured and accomplished can be a challenge. In reality I don’t think I ever want to be at the point where all is figured out and accomplished. Where would I have left to wander?


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