Caving Kinda

We didn’t get enough cave goodness the first time we went out so we made the trip out again today. On the way we discovered a somewhat puny lake, but a lake none the less, set in front of a lush forest. At this cave park we had to pay money to get in. Our haggling and proclamations that we are volunteers in the country didn’t do much to lower the price. We decided to pay and continued biking our way to the cave. The bike ride was gorgeous. We wound through hills and gazed at limestone mountains. At the end of the road we come to a shrine and an interesting description of the cave. The path however has a red restricted sign in front of it. About four meters in we realize the path is completely overgrown and impenetrable. Quite the disappointment. We wanted to see some more caves. We agreed however that the beauty of the forest and hills were worth the 100k bike ride. We also noted several other cave signs on the ride back. More caves for another day, hopefully. I’m also learning that completely covering myself in sunscreen is very important. Even missing the smallest spot can be a world of heartache later on. I discovered a sunburn and giant blister on the back of my ear. This sun is ruthless.


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