I love cookies!

In other news…my boss came to visit and it went really really well. I wasn’t nervous until she came and then all I could do was stress that my counterparts were going to say something bad about me and I would get in trouble. This did not happen, hince the sigh in the title. She gave me a lot of possitive feedback and some good tips for working at site. Yay! I feel very good about my situation right now. Except the fact that she told the school I shouldn’t be working with one of my coteachers and now I have to deal with that. Just hoping that the coteacher won’t be offended and mad at me, but if my boss agreed with me that it was necessary then I feel good about it.

The last two nights I’ve played beach volleyball (in a sand pit, not a beach) with my students. Something about this makes me feel like I’m on vacation. Pause for another sighhhhh. I don’t know if the students are going to keep inviting my back considering I play like I wild banchy. And not in a good way.

This good day is a is a welcomed turn around from my depressing weekend in BKK. Something about that place really depresses volunteers. I think it’s a combination of having treats from home, not being able to afford anything and the frustrations of getting around in that city. Definitely a place I’ll only go if I have to. The Southern beaches however, I am looking quite forward to meeting. Only a week until the full moon party, meaning only a week until I have my first encounter with the beaches of the South. I anticipate this to be an enjoyable experience to say the least.

I changed blogs because I don’t like the Blogger format and I already have another blog with WordPress. I need to find a new word press theme, the ugliness of this one hurts my eyes.

Well, as they say in the Peace Corps…



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