Dear Thailand, I would like to take this…

Dear Thailand, I would like to take this opportunity to formally recognize and honor your efforts as an advocate of comfortable pants. May your work never be under appreciated.

In other news… I never thought I’d say this but living in Thailand has done wonders for my hula hooping skills. Meaning, I can now twirl the hoop around my hips a full two rotations before it plummets to the ground. VICTORY!

Crippling shyness is not exactly the most coveted of personality traits when it comes to working in developement. I’m happy to report that I think I may be slowly emerging from my shell at site. I’m quite proud of this, that shell gets old. Today during some downtime, instead of hiding in a corner and reading best practices books about metacognition (ok I did that part of the time) I wandered around the school and talked to students and teachers. This resulted in a delightful afternoon of watching students sew tissue box covers with a side of lovely chit chat. I hereby declare myself: partially emerged. I don’t think I’ll be fully emerged until I end up prancing around a stage in a costumed interpretation of a popular Thai or English song. Only then will the metamorphosis be complete.

Oh yeah, I’m not at the English Camp. Apparently, it’s not until tomorrow, something I would have liked to have known before I got up at six and walked to school in the heat. No biggie.


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