Mmmmmmore Mmmmmmmonday

This marks my second post of what is quickly turning into a marvolous Monday (sarcasm sarcasm). At some point this morning I finally corralled the motivation to leave the house and bike to work. At some point I locked my door, turned to get on my bike and noticed that I did not have my bag. Meaning my bag was locked in the house. Meaning, my keys, cell phone, work clothes and all things of necessity were locked in the house as well. After some controlled breathing excercizes I biked over to my landlord, told her what happend, biked back to my place, watched someone saw off my lock and reenterd my house with a new lock and set of keys. Perhaps, I should give someone an extra key to my place. But who could I give one to that won’t see this as an open invitation to peruse my house at any given moment? Seriously, this is a genuine concern. The whole ordial took far less time than I thought it would, but it put a serious damper on my already waning Carpe Diem attitude. Now I’m back in my apartment, guzzling coffee (liquid happiness) and talking myself up to rejoin society. Durning the whole ordeal this morning I found out that my coteacher won’t be at school this morning, which means the only reason that I would go in would be to show my face and talk with people. Something I hate hate hate doing, but is a major part of my job sometimes.

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