Today was my first day back from the Full Moon Party/ Vacation awesomeness. The vacation however took it’s toll on me and returned me a bit on the haggard side. My feet got cuts on them from walking in the ocean and have been quite painful. One is infected and causing my foot to swell up. I called the medical officer and was immediately sent to the local health clinic. The site of me hobbling down the street to the station horrified many people. Did I mention that I have the world’s most discusting peeling sunburn on my face and talk with a voice resembling Clint Eastwood. After very painful wound cleaning I stopped at a noodle shop, where my coughing and sneezing led to me eating noodles with about 15 people staring at my wide eyed muttering about swine flu. Later, I made my way back and slept the day away.


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