My neighbors have a new game called: tell Pancake (my Thai name) a snake went in her house but they saw it leave. The thing is I really can’t tell if they’re serious or not. This situation is made all the worse by the fact that I saw the mother of all massive cobras slither in front of my bike the other day. Shutter, shutter.

In other news, I spent all last week in BKK prepping for the new volunteers’ training. I’m one of six volunteers that will be helping out with the training. We spent the week talking about session design and rewriting training objectives. I had a good time prepping for training and hanging out with my friends. It was also nice to spend some time with staff and get to know them better. I also learned a lot of new Thai words. On the weekend I went with some friends to the Sin City of Thailand: Pattaya, a beach about 2 hours from BKK. I knew going in that this place was the king of sleeze, but I was dead set on going to the beach for the weekend and I also wanted to see what this place could possible behold. Well, I’ll tell you what it beheld, hookers and lots of them! I think there were more hookers than tourists. So many hookers and the beach was but a mere sliver of sand. Don’t let this description give you the impression that I did not like this place. We had a great time people watching and taking in our surroundings. I’m gonna venture to say though that I might not be returning. On our last day in Pattaya I woke up with Pink Eye, which meant I had to spend the night in BKK only so I could get medicine. This night was awful. Going from being around friends for more than a week to completely alone was a brutal contrast. I did run into another volunteer with her parents and enjoyed a lovely dinner. What do I eat in BKK? Sandwiches! I can’t get enough of those babies. I also get my fair share of Middle Eastern food while I’m in town.

Speaking of food, I have embraced the joys of cooking, well one dish at least. I’ve been making vegetable stir fry every night that I am home for about 4 weeks now. This practice has been quite fruitful and I now make a mean stir fry, as in so good that I scoop up the juice covered garlic chunks at the bottom of the bowl to eat. Sometimes I get crazy and cook up some noodles to eat with the stir fry, but for the most part it’s stir fry, stir fry, stir fry. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to cook something else in the wok, but the stir fry is so good that I don’t have much motivation to branch out.


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