BKK and Loy Kratong

After a rough month at site I decided to venture out and join some friends for Halloween in BKK. I’m so glad I did. Seeing my friends reminded me of one of the reasons I like living here. Also, I got to eat some amazing Indian food. That should hold my happiness over through the week. On the way back to site the buses were filled and I couldn’t get one for another three hours. After laying on the floor and napping for a while one of my friends called and said she was at the bus station too, so we spent the next two hours catching up and tackling a crossword. When I arrived at the bus station near site, my coteacher picked me up and took me to the Loy Kratong festival in the historical park. It was absolutely gorgeous! There were Christmas lights, lanterns and fireworks, not to mention lots of delicious food and Thai dancing. My camera was out of batteries at the time so I went back to the historical park the next night for the grand finale of the festival.


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