I’m Actually Cold

Woke up this morning and decided I will not be showering again until cool season ends. The water is just too cold. Consider yourself warned.

In other news:

I went to my friends site to help her out with a No Smoking seminar last Thursday and stayed through Saturday. Visiting her and being around her positive attitude was refreshing. I came back with some project ideas and a load of good books to read.

Yesterday, I wasn’t wearing a sweatshirt and one of the Thai teachers came up to me, squeezed me and asked me if I was cold, meaning she inadvertantly gave me a hug (which normally makes Thai people uncomfortable), which made my heart melt. It was about 70 degrees when she did this.

I discovered how much I miss cereal when I bought a box and tore through it like a ravaged beast.

Can’t wait for Thanksgiving with the volunteers at Sizzzler in BKK this weekend. 🙂

Yesterday was a good day. I’m hoping today will be the same. Except that I found out my coteacher may be quitting in 10 days.


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