Happy Birthday To Me

I left the house this morning thinking my make up looked rather overdone, but was running late, so I left it on. I was greeted at school by about 15 “Kelsiiiiiii, beautiful”s and one “Kelsi, you look great! What happened?” They were rather dissapointed to learn the make up came from the states. I wear make up to school every day, but through on some floresent lipstick and bright blush and I’m the talk of the school.

After a bike ride to town, I was greeted at home by a birthday package from the fam. Correction: the most amazing birthday package ever! There were Trader Joe’s treats and tie die clothing involved.

I just got back from BKK last night, where I have been for almost a week, a hectic week at that. I don’t think I stopped moving the entire time I was there, committee meetings, doctor’s appointments, and shopping missions galore. Every morning that weekend required a 6AM wake up time. All of the volunteers were in town to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving celebration was on Saturday at Sizzler, but I was more thankful for stuffing my face the night before at a Middle Eastern restaurant, followed by a wine bar discovery the night before. Not to mention I was in a really bad mood at Sizzler after stressfully running around BKK trying to find a cheap calendar printer with no success. I cheered up by the end of dinner and danced my heart out to Lady Gaga sang by a Thai band that night.

Also, last month marked the death of my vegetarianism. It was a good 7 years. Somehow living off eggs here just didn’t seem so healthy. Don’t get too excited all my carnivorous friends at home. I’m not promising to stick to my new-found meat eating ways.


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