Tis The Season

This long weekend with nothing to do is a welcomed welcomed break after a hectic two weeks. I love that things have finally started picking up around here, which has made enjoying downtime all the better. I thought next week was going to be slow with a holiday on Monday and Thursday, then in the course of the day I agreed to go on an overnight field trip to the Historical Park and to do a Youth conference in the far stretches of Eastern Thailand, which will keep me busy until next Wednesday. I think it’s gonna be a fun week.

I figured this year I wouldn’t do much in the way of Christmas, since it’s not celebrated here and I thought it would make me homesick, but yesterday I was blindsided by the Christmas spirit. Now I’m watching Christmas movies, looking up recipes and writing Merry Christmas postcards. Today, I’m gonna make the 37 mile bike trip to buy some cinnamon to try my hands at baking Christmas treats in the toaster oven and rice cooker. Should be interesting.


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