Weekend Here then Gone

What does one do on a three day weekend at site? Well if that one is Kelsi, then she….reads a book and a half, bakes 2 batches of cookies, watches four movies, and bikes 136 miles (over the course of 3 bike trips). All in all, the weekend was fantastic. I enjoyed the down time for once.

Today I went to school not knowing if my coteacher would be there or not, as she is retiring and doesn’t know when, so I’m basically just waiting for the day that she doesn’t show up. Five minutes into our last class her daughter showed up and said that we were going to teach for 30 minutes then go into town to get her dress fitted. She asked if I wanted to come with and I said yes, partly because I enjoy spending time with them, but also because I had a feeling this would turn into either a trip to Big C or to see the new foreign teacher in another town. Part way through the drive into town she tells me there has been a change in plans and we’re going to her school, which means I get to hang out with the new foreign teacher. šŸ™‚ I met the new teacher very briefly at Loy Kratong festival and haven’t been able to meet with her since, so I was really excited to finally sit down and get to know her. We ended up hanging out in the foreign languages department, talking with the exchange students and having a grand ol’ time


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