An Ode to Food

I have not purchased cheese in what will next month be a year. A YEAR! Tonight I couldn’t fall asleep due to a restless mind and a rumble in my stomach. Ok, it was also 8:30. I followed my growling stomach to the fridge downstairs and for a moment I imagined opening the fridge to find cheese, muffins, granola, chocolate chip cookies, riter sport chocolate bars with hazelnuts, hummus, champagne, bananas with nutella, more cheese, pumpkin bread, an iced soy latte, baguettes, crasins, orange juice, red wine, guacamole and a tomato mozzarella panini. Now don’t go feeling too sorry for me. I did have some left over peanut butter cookies I had made and some amazing cereal, but how I dream of those foods I haven’t had in a year. Ok, some I have had, but not at my regular disposal. Oh well, I know I’ll miss Thai foods when they’re not around all the time. Sticky rice with fried fish and spicy papaya salad is the bomb, yo.

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