The parents sent me season 1 of Gilmore Girls in the mail and it is a beautiful thing. I had forgotten what good video quality looks like. I can actually see their faces!

These last two weeks have been wonderful and awful at the same time. On the first a friend from home flew in and we beelined our way straight to the beach. We stayed on small beach, or as Lonely Planet called it a “backpacker’s ghetto” in Krabi. The beach and activities around the beach were absolutely amazing. I told Friend From Home that I want to get a bar tending job here and spend all my free time rock climbing. She relied, “Kelsi, you haven’t even been rock climbing yet.” Point taken. Rock climbing never happened due to poorly timed rain fall, but I’m obsessed with Krabi none the less.

The awful part of the weeks happened when I found out that one of my best friends was going home. Dealing with this has been really hard. I’ve had to relearn how to live over here, but I’ve also realized that I have been incredibly blessed by the friends I have, wherever they may be.

Time goes by as it so often does, Friend From Home went back home and Mid Service Conference followed. I loved seeing fellow volunteer buddies and developed and intense Scrabble addiction. My high score is 69 points on one word. I intend to beat this score soon and am using spare time at site to train for Scrabble victory. I don’t know if I will have anymore Scrabble partners as the game as surfaced my extremely obnoxious competitive side. Dealing with my friend leaving Peace Corps was hard during MSC, but it was probably a better place to be then at site. MSC was also hard because it made me feel unsuccessful as a volunteer. To have been here a year and not be in the place I want to be is frustrating. Teaching is going well, but I don’t have any community projects at the moment. This is mostly due to my intense fear of failure. I will be really disappointed with myself if I end service without a project I can be proud of. I don’t want to do a project that isn’t sustainable or one simply for the sake of doing a project.

Yesterday, I faced a fear that has been swelling in me for the last 17 days: returning to site. Returning to site is hard enough after weeks of hot showers and being surrounded by friends, but yesterday for the first time I returned without my site buddy and knowing that he won’t be here anymore. Looks like this New Year is going to require a lot of bravery and learning to have a little faith in myself.


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