Today is one of those days I thought would go one way and ended up going a different direction all together. It started out normal enough. I helped teach forth grade and showed my coteacher how the students can make their own booklets so we can start teaching the Starfall books. During the morning break she worked on knitting me a hat and I worked on putting together the Thai national curriculum. My major goal for the day had been to present the Thai national English curriculum to her and ask if we can base lessons off this instead of the textbook since the textbook is an abomination to the English language. While working on our respective tasks we make small talk and I passively mention that my bike is broken (ok it really just needs to be washed and sprayed down with WD40, but saying broken is so much easier in Thai) and I need to go to my friend’s old house to pick up his old bike and the things he bequeathed to me. She tells me not to worry about this and lickety split her husband arrives to take me over there. No need to worry about teaching the lessons today.

So begins my adventure with her husband. To clarify, this is not a total stranger, they are some of my better friends in the community, but I can never remember his name, so I call him Dawg, but only in my head. So Dawg picks me up with his sister in the car, turns out he’s on his way to drop her off in the Capital city and to run errands over there. First we stop by my friend’s old house. I awkwardly fight back tears as I pack a bike, all the trimmings for a home gym, a small collection of weapons and an array of books and movies into the trunk. Next, we drop his sister off at the bus station, then go to buy a new telephone. Turns out Dawg dropped his at the historical park yesterday. He spends the rest of the day telling everyone we run into (baristas not exculded) the he dropped his phone at the park yesterday and bought a new one for 850 baht. Next, we go toilet shopping, then eat lunch, then to the flower market, then get coffee and four hours later I am back home.

My house is finally starting to resemble a home. All I need at this point is an Olympic size swimming pool to complete my home gym. Gifts from home have done wonders for giving the place some sparkle and my occasional dabble in the house keeping arts doesn’t hurt either.

The day ended simply enough with me practicing GRE words and watching Dawg take my bike apart into a million pieces to fix the sticky brakes. Thank God I have another bike now or I might be a little stressed that my bike is still in a million pieces.


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