Well I made homemade pita bread for dinner tonight. They smelled so warm and bready and delicious and tasted like cardboard. Oh well. I’ve come to the conclusion that my yeast is dead since i was supposed to be baking puffy pockets of pita goodness and what i really baked were pitiful pancakes of pita grossness.

In other news, this is the last week of school. No more teaching for me for 2 months. Right now I’m trying to finish up my projects before I head out of town. Most of the materials for the water project are at the school and just need to be put together. I paid the supplier/my landlord/my old coteacher yesterday in a very Thai fashion. One of the coteachers called her up, told her what else we wanted, I went over there, handed her all my money and she made up the prices for everything to make sure the bill came out to exactly what I had in my hand.

I’m also supposed to be working on a world map mural with some seniors. We were going to do it on Monday, but my coteacher said they wouldn’t be here til Friday because of a mass monk ordination at the temple. I was told to come back on Wednesday. Came back Wednesday and there are no Seniors to be seen. This project I’m not so worried about getting done before I leave. These students don’t really need my help to get it done.

Today I learned that the student trip with my primary school is the same time as the teacher trip with my high school. Tomorrow’s mission: get out of going on the teacher trip with my high school in exchange for the primary school trip which sounds about a thousand times more fun. Not to mention I’ve already put myself through a teacher trip with the high school.

Less than a week and a half to until the grand Southeast Asia month of adventure!!!!!!! I’m so excited to be traveling. I’ve been stationary for far to long. On the menu: Vietnam, Song Gan in Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Indonesia, not to mention Rachael’s flying in for all this.

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