My neighbor has officially moved from being annoying to being creepy. There is not sound barrier between the walls in my townhouse-ish. The holes in the walls don’t really help matters either. Every time I go into the kitchen, open the fridge, move a dish, breath, I am greeted by “KELLLSSI, WHAT DO YOU DO?” Not a question I care to answer at 6AM. The fact that my neighbor does this every single day annoys me to no end. Yesterday, she took it up a notch. She began commenting on the sounds I was making. She mentioned something about me eating carrots. How she knew I was chopping carrots at that moment left me staring at the wall between us in fear. She also commented about how I was eating rice when she heard me pour rice into the rice cooker. This one didn’t freak me out as much, since the sound is much more distinctive, but this addition to her daily screaming at me through the wall is not welcomed.

Today I have been thinking a lot about my opinions. Perhaps it’s all the animosity in the air over the health reform. None the less I have some very strong opinions of my own.

  • No music video should ever again be shown in reverse. Not because it’s been perfected, but because it has been done.
  • Avitar is a god awful, horrible movie. I literally tried to leave the theater during the movie because watching it felt like a cruel punishment, but alas I was in the middle of a very crowded row and was forced to finish the movie. The only good thing that came out of me watching the whole movie is that I can wholeheartedly say that it is an awful movie. The script was cheesy, the one liners made me gag, the acting was sub par and the whole white man comes to save the day philosophy made my blood boil. Had this movie been played on mute I would have probably enjoyed it because, yes, it’s pretty. It was a dark day when I found out this movie won so many awards.
  • Ripe papayas are gross
  • I hate that there are so many books and movies about lost girls who find out their true calling is in fashion. Allow me to preface this by saying I love fashion. I love that people can express themselves through fashion. I love the art and beauty of fashion. I love to read about fashion and I think there are many talented and intelligent people in the fashion industry. What I don’t love is that there is a serious lack in diversity when it comes to the women in these stories realizing their “true callings in life.” I’m sick of this tired story line. Once again, it’s been done, let’s move on.

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