Not A Whole Lot

Sometimes I don’t write updates because there is simply nothing much to update about. This leaves me to the compromising task of rambling about mundane daily experiences. Right now I’m suppose to be checking tasks off “The Master List” written on an envelope next to my laptop. Instead I am lounging around unshowered, in my underpants, playing Scrabble online and watching 30 Rock. See mom I told you it’s a dangerous thing if I update when there’s not much going on. Yesterday, I played a game of Scrabble with a random person online. Something I will never ever do again. I spent the whole time staring at his profile picture making up a story about how his life was so lonely and pitiful and that’s why he plays online Scrabble with random people. I even considered letting him win to give him something to live for, but after I played two seven letter words I intimidated him into forfeiting the game. At this point I realized, maybe I’m the pitiful one.

The grand vacation/various in between adventures starts tonight at 8PM. The school bus will be picking me up at my door to kick off the trip with an overnight bus ride with lots of students on an unairconditioned bus. I think that falls in the adventure category. I’ve prepared myself for a lot of karaoke and watching the principle and male teachers get falling over drunk.

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