Good Morning Vietnam!

Hello from Ho Chi Min city! I am loving Vietnam so far.

Backing up….the grand month of April started out with a school trip to some provinces near Bangkok. I’d been really excited for this trip, but it ended up being a miserable, miserable experience. The trip started out fine enough. I got picked up at 8PM and we began our overnight bus journey. I stayed up til about 1AM watching the boys dance to techno music. One thing about tour buses in Thailand, they may not have AC and the seats may be the most uncomfortable things you can imagine, but you better believe that thing has a tricked out karaoke system complete with strobe lighting down the bus aisle to really set the mood. Well, at 1AM I attempted to sleep but that never really worked out. At 6AM we were awoken for our first stop of the day. At this point I was still ok. It was somewhere around 9AM when I realized that we were never going to stop to shower or change clothes that I really started to have a meltdown. By 11AM it was over 100 degrees and I was in jeans and sneakers with what felt like a half inch thick layer of slime on my face. I vaguely remember seeing a couple palaces and half heartedly smiling at my coteachers saying “I’m happy, don’t worry.” Finally in the evening we stopped at the elementary school we would be spending the night in. I’ve never been so happy to see a tin shed with a basin of dirty water to throw on myself for a bath. I managed to sleep soundly on the hard wood floor in the school and woke up in the morning much better prepared for the day ahead. Around 9AM I got dropped on the side of the road to catch a bus to BKK. Eventually I made it to BKK and a whole new world opened up to me.

I once referred to BKK as  a god-forsaken devil city and now, considering the rejuvenation it gave my soul, I feel a little bad for this. I haven’t been to BKK since January and I had really forgotten how amazing things like bread are and what shopping in a store where I can try on the clothes is like.

On Friday I met up with some friends and we made our way to Vietnam. It was interesting how relaxed we all felt during the course of the trip. We kept reminding each other that we were going to a different country and it seemed surreal. We made it here with out much trouble at all. I even forgot to print out my visa letter, but I was quickly whisked away to a computer and the whole problem was solved lickity split.

So far we’ve been to the Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum. Both were interesting, but we all kind of hit walls and didn’t spend much time at either place. Between the heat and the number of people at both places, it was a little too much. Today my friends went to see some tunnels but I opted out fearing it would be too claustrophobic and intend to spend the day exploring more of the city.

Also, I was reading my blog stats and it looks like a get 12 hits on some days. Aside from my parents and Jess I really don’t know who reads this, but woohoo for some minor level popularity.

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