Good Neighbors

Ugh! Can’t sleep. I’ve been researching grad programs all day and I’m really excited/wired right now. I see myself one day joining the league of future librarians of the world. I’ll only do it though if I can wear a floppy pink hat, a beaded chain around my fake glasses (when will my eyesight realized that I need to keep up with my nerd persona and fail on me already?!?!) and sway as I talk to the children.

Life back at site has been pretty good. I’ve been taking it easy on the adjustment process. Today I realized that I have the most convenient neighbors ever. Yesterday I told my neighbor who’s a hair stylist that I want a hair cut. Today she hollered at me in my house to come get it done. Boda-bing-boda-boom, hair is cut. Not as good as Sister’s, but not too shabby. She did make a few comments about how unhealthy my hair is and that I may be balding, but whatever. Next, I dropped off my broken rice cooker at another neighbor’s house, which happens to be an electronic repair shop. Good people, these ones. Just to clarify neither of these neighbors are my annoying ones. Though I did have a nice conversation with one of the annoying one’s today. She asked about the beach and if I wore a bikini and if I like whiskey.



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