Party On

There is an intense party going on down the street from me at the police station. I mean intense! For starters, the highway in front of the station is blocked off and filled with tables. Yep, just blocked off. There are wild technicolored lights that have got to be at least 12 feet tall, live music (most likely meaning live dancers) and to top it off they just lit a bunch of earth shattering fireworks. I am rather impressed. This is also the most interesting thing that has happened in the village in months. Except that on Monday all the houses and trees were covered in string. I asked someone and they said something about munks and made faces resembling either good luck or seizures. Also, the monks have been chanting on the loud speakers the same time the music is going on. Interesting combo. All and all, it’s been an interesting night. I keep peeking out my window to see if there are anymore developments.

Today I got to school and my co-teacher told me our classes would be meeting in the computer room today and needed to do some sort of computer activity. She said that once a term the students are supposed to use the class is supposed to use the computers. I made up a lesson about using Power Point to make flashcards and it ended up being a really fun day. Most of the students did not know how to use Power Point and it was exciting to see how engaged the students were. Even my rowdy students were intently focused.

I got back from Malaysia on Friday, spent the weekend in BKK and came back to site on Sunday. Overall the trip was fun, pretty low key, but interesting none the less. It you are ever in Kuala Lampur, definitely go to the Islamic Arts Museum! One of my favorite museums. The Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore is another favorite. Oddly enough, I was really content about coming back from site. Usually I go back kicking and screaming after being away so long but this time it’s been just fine.


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