inspiration has not come easily this last month or several months. so much of what was once fascinating and unique is now so ordinary that i no longer stop to ponder. guess i’ll have to start finding inspiration in the ordinary. until then i think i’ll just write about some random things…

the first semester of this school year is ending soon. this has me freaked out more than anything else. freaked out at how quickly this semester has gone and how little time i have left here. and freaked out about how i am going to spend three weeks at site without school to keep me borderline sane. i’ve started a couple new workout plans to help with this. one is the one hundred push ups program and the other is a couch to 5 k program that i found online. so far i’m on week three of these plans and they are going well. i haven’t ran in forever because i hurt my knee. turns out i just needed knew shoes, or new used shoes since i just started using my old shoes again. the running program is more moderate than what i could do, but i wanted to ease my way back into running so that i remember how much i like it and don’t overwhelm myself by expecting my performance to be where it used to be.

this last weekend was very quiet. the highlights were going to coffee with friends from site, organizing my evernote notebooks and researching grad schools. yup.

last week, a friend of one of the teachers was at school and told me she had a german friend who lived nearby and that he wanted to meet me. my immediate reaction was “sounds terrible,” but i didn’t manage to politely weasel my way out of it, despite an attempt to make a sneaky escape from the school before he arrived. so, he met me at my house later that afternoon. the reason i didn’t want to meet him was because the foreign men that i know of who live in the area are old and questionable. the other reason is that i have friends at site and feel comfortable here, i do not feel the need to meet every white person in the province. despite my moodiness about the situation, i ended up having a really nice time hanging out with him. turns out he is not old, has thai friends, moved to the province about the same time as i did and speaks thai. i felt kind of guilty for stereotyping him so badly. i told him this and he said he is here to help his brother, who does fit the stereotype, with some house renovations.

hmph, the main reason i started writing this post was to add some pictures from life lately and talk about them, but the internet is tooooo sloooow at the moment. another time.


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