Gettin Down to Business

I woke up this morning with a message in my inbox that said the grant I applied to buy new library books at school has been approved! Some time in the next couple of weeks my coteacher is going to get a pretty chunk of change to buy the books. I’ve been working on this project for what seems like forever. This news has been a huge source of encouragement! Now I just need to put a reading mentor program together. Ooooiieee.

I spent the majority of today working on grant proposal number two. This grant will be used to buy a projector for my coteacher’s classroom (at a different school) and then to train her and other teachers in the area to use educational technology in the classroom. This grant, unlike the other one, has to be written in both Thai and English, so today was spent at the school translating the proposal. How many people does it take to translate a proposal into Thai you ask? I’d say about 5. We tried about 4 different strategies and ended up translating the whole thing with Google Translate and then giving it to one of the teachers to fix the errors. I’d say about 50% of the things translated made her either laugh out loud or look at me completely bewildered. The whole event was actually pretty fun. In true Thai spirit we spent some time working, and then some time joking around, some time eating and then some time working. I’d say this day hasn’t been too shabby.

I’ve got some great helpers!

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