RIP Lizard

I just turned on my a.c. and it made a terrible helicopter noise. When I went closer to check it out it shot a lizard tail at me! I’m not sure if I was more traumatized by the fact that I’d just been attacked by the a.c., the fact that the lizard tail was jumping around and going bizzerk at my feet or the fact that the helicopter noise was most likely my a.c. chopping a lizard into tiny, little bits. I did what any level headed person would do in this situation-screamed and ran out of the room. Luckily, I had the remote in my hand and was able to peek my head inside to turn off the a.c. I paced back and forth in the hallway for awhile before regaining the courage to peek my head inside again to turn on the a.c. Now it’s back to normal and I’m just going to pretend that none of this happend.

I wrote a few days ago about some home decor I’ve done in the fortress of solitude. Here’s the pics:








After 2


I’d tell ya that these pics don’t do the room/hallway (this is where i retreated during the lizard attack) justice, but that would be a lie. I think we can all agree, though, that some serious improvements have been made. I’ve really enjoyed having the new space to lounge around and work in. Now I wonder why I waited a year and a half to do this.

Another thing I wonder is why, oh why, I insist on waiting until the hottest time of the day before biking anywhere. I usually wake up fairly early at site, six AM village announcements and squawking birds help with this, but when it comes to leaving the house in the morning, it does not happen unless I have a binding commitment. Today, I needed to meet with teachers at two different schools to check up on project progress and in usual fashion I did not get around to this until the afternoon. I ended up stopping at my house while I biked between the two schools so that I could lay on the floor in front of the fan and dry out. Despite the heat and frustrating bike rides, the day went pretty well and I am happy with project progress. We should be getting the money to buy library books any day now. 🙂

Highlight of the day: A new fruit stand on the way to school has emerged. And it had mangoes. And not just mangoes. But sweet, tasty, oh so delicious mangoes.

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One thought on “RIP Lizard

  1. Ohhh, a lizard tail shooting out of anywhere would freak me out! And the sound of your AC probably chopping it to death -I hope maybe it somehow escaped, crawled off and healed…

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